Sum up

The project aim was to improvement in health and comfort of the life of eldery people and dependent through the extension of the scope of the home, clinic and environmental care in Poland especially Polkowice district. Performed taska as part of the project were aimed at better adapting the health care to the need of the quickly growing popuation of chronically ill and dependent elderly people. The project was a reply to defined problems of the limited offer of medical services and protective in the north part of the dolnoslaski province and the lack of adapting these services to dependent chronically ill particular needs of elderly people. As part od the project implementation the formed center of gerontology and the rehabilitation appointed the health policy and social. An access to the high quality of services was facilitated consulting, medical and protective. Processed health benefits included telephone advice,a wide range of rehabilitation benefits of the equipment with the application purchased , the physiotherpay treatment and medcal consultation, Additionally a share of the psychological rehabilitation was impemented Senior also led on the specialist equipment purchased as part of the project. Trainings were one of crucial elements of the fulfilled plan both for employess as well as the wanting community to impove one’s knowledge in special older and dependent needs of persons. For the correct performane of benefits a repair and a reconstructions of the B part of a building of the institution were conducted. Social benefits taken back are public activation and streaming the level of everyday functioning of elderly people, dependent with the help of different forms of therapy, removing disease processes, preventing returns for the disease progress, improvement of quality of life everyday, creating appropriate place, equipment, teaching materials so that a possible activation of elderly people and providing for the appropriate quality the health care are. There are available materials raising the awareness of residents from area of the influance of the project in the prevention of pain of the motor organ on the area of the clinic and meaninigs of the physical activity of elderly peolpe. Even though the project implementation came to an end our seniors still can borrow the equipment making the life easier and the care from the sick preson and use classes conducted by the occupational therapist in the therappeutic room.